Thursday, April 23

Some ranting

I find it hard to accept when I hear someone killed himself/herself. Even worse is when I hear a father killed the whole family and then killed himself. Seriously – what can be sooo bad that you have to take a life/lives? If you have the courage to kill your innocent 4-5 year old kids, what is out there that you can not face? I’ve seen multiple cases recently where the family is losing their homes, losing jobs and then as a last act of desperation, killing the whole family and themselves. Why?!!! Why?? Why?? People get set on a type of a lifestyle and they just can not see themselves living a lesser of a lifestyle. Atleast that’s one reason I see behind these killings. When did we become so vain?

P.S. This and this prompted this post. And I just found this!!! God help us!


Parna Chowdhury ... said...

I totally agree! There cannot be anything worse than taking the lives of your loved ones - with your own hands!! At least there they all had a choice!

Thomas Babcock said...

I lost My first wife to suicide. she lost her dad to suicide. I lost my youngest brother last year to suicide. I also lost a brother in a hit and run.
Why? don't know? I will live my life to its fullest, and be there for my family however I can. I will trust in God for all things.

Princess Shieda said...

I totally agree with you, Zee. We should at least hold on to what God has decided for us and have faith. BE STRONG! Please continue writing. I love reading them.

Real Talks with God.. said...

I realy don't believe it is that person, in side them when these things occur..When they say the devil mad me do it I real belive that is the cases in these sercumstances. If you look back in history these things happen back in the 1800's also. (this does not mean I am giving an excuse for their actions) When we as a people let certain things in to our lives and don't know how to pray and seek GOD, that is also where the problem comes in at. People don't talk to God and they let things they here in to there sprit. For example have you ever listen to a song and could not get it out of you mind it in your sprit. Or watched a movie and it give you bad dreams it in you sprit. That is kind of how this works with God if you consum you self in the word of God and pray and fast for you family, peace get in your sprit, I don't belive that things of this big of nature will happen...just my opinion...stop me if im wrong...Queen