Friday, March 8

Hairy Situation!

Zoya tells me the other day that she doesn't like the fact that she is the only girl in her class who has hair on her arms! My dad's side of the family is a hairy brood and I guess I have passed it down to her! I alone have kept many a different beauty product companies in business by getting rid of unwanted hair over the years, but she is too young to be starting now! Or is she? I told her she is too young to be starting these type of things at second grade when she informed me one of her classmates gets her hair dyed blonde! Really?!?! Why?!? In second grade?!?! Wow! However, I'm still not budging. I've removed my razor from the shower so she all of a sudden doesn't put two and two together. I don't think she knows about the other products I have under the sink. Lets see how long I can hold her off!

What do you think? Too early? (She is 8) When did you start? (I got my first threading done at 18!!!!) What was the first thing you tried?

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Simika said...

It really is too early I think. One should wait at least until the 5th grade, right? I mean that seems reasonable....

man i'm getting old :)