Friday, December 30

My Marriage

My marriage has been taking the proverbial back seat for the last three years almost! We went through two pregnancies, new jobs, longer commutes, two moves, Zoya's surgeries, my father's death, my somewhat depression, and now the kids! We hardly have any time to spend with each other! We used to be called "joined at the hip", and now we barely get to do the things we used to enjoy together. Hopefully 2006 will be the year where we will get our acts together and take some of our life back from those adorable little pests! :-P

Any volunteers for babysitting??


Katie said...

Same here! If we lived closer to each other, we could start a "baby sitting co-op", that way we'd get to have a worry-free night on the town with our spouses - without having to pay. Sigh. This country is too frickin' huge.

Anonymous said...

"Any volunteers for babysitting?? "

I'd offer if I lived closer! :D But I hope u get to do some of the couple-y things u're missing :)

andreia said...

I'd love to baby sit those cuties anytime!

Zeenat said...

Didn't you say in your post somewhere you are thinking about moving to Washington DC? Please do!!! ;-)
Andreia, you are a brave woman to volunteer to babysit those brats even after seeing them in action! :-D

Simika said...

zeenat - i absolutely want to move to DC - get a job there and what not. it'd be ideal :D Plus I'd get to babysit two kids who're adorable but whom i get to give back at the end of the day ;-) doesn't get better than that ! :D find me a job, woman! and i'm there on the next flight over!