Thursday, January 5

Ten thousand blistering barnacles!!!!

Jellyfish! ... Tramps! .... Trog-lodytes! ... Toffeenoses! .... Toads! .... Baboons! ... Pockmarks!

Yeah! That's really how I felt last night! Mad as hell like the Captain! I saw Katie's post on myheritage and had to, had to do it for myself. I saved all the pics of the people that website said I look like and had a witty (!!) post all written up. Then when I published it, it showed up with a mile long white space in between the title and the post! Being the anal person I am, I could not just leave it as it is after trying for almost an hour to get behind the mystery of the white space! Anyone else had this problem? Any pointers for fixing it?

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Katie said...

I've been checking your blog every two hours in hopes of seeing your heritage post! I wonder what is causing that white space?? :-(

By the way, I loved your Zeenat 101 - I learned a lot about you!!! Lots of similarities. Except I like pineapple on pizza.

I heard in Bangladesh that pineapple should never be combined with dairy. Is that true?