Wednesday, March 22

Failure as a mother

Within a matter of an hour, one person called me a "lazy mother", then another said I'm "impatient". And then a third comment pretty much said I'm an incompetent mother. Let me just go die somewhere.


andreia said...

Impatient, Lazy, Incompetent?? That's defenitely not the Zeenat I know, that's completely absurd!! The only way to survive with 2 very young and energetic kids is to have tons of patience, and you display that each and every time I see you all together. From the bottom of my heart I can think of no mom who's more involved and patient with her kids.

Katie said...


I've been told that I "don't deserve to be a mother" because I complained about not sleeping for 10 days straight.

Dude, we all know that it's not true! The people that said those things are probably feeling bad about their own parenting skills - or else they are not parents at all!

From what I've read on your blog, I know that you love your children with deep sincerity, and that's something that many kids never get from their moms. You're doing a great job, and never let yourself believe otherwise!

(And how can anyone who works a full time job and takes care of two kids be considered lazy? !!!)

Nitu said...

Are these people on drugs? Seriously! That is such a messed up comment and very untrue, dont even be near such's bullshit!

Lula said...

That's not cool. I am so sorry there are some people that don't know what a fantastic mother you are. Just brush it off and keep being the wonderful mother and person you are!

Thanks so much for the phone call the other day, it really cheered me up.